# Configuration

# Using TypeScript

In Getting Started, you've know you need use this theme as follows:

// .vuepress/config.js
module.exports = {
  theme: "vt",
  themeConfig: {},

From 1.9, VuePress introduced full TypeScript Support (opens new window) for config file, to have type hints for this theme, you can write the configuration like this:

// .vuepress/config.ts
import { ThemeConfig } from "vuepress-theme-vt";
import { defineConfig4CustomTheme } from "vuepress/config";

export = defineConfig4CustomTheme<ThemeConfig>({
  theme: "vt",
  themeConfig: {},

# Theme Config

VT's config is fully compatible with VuePress's Default Theme Config (opens new window), feel free to use VT as default theme.

In additions, VT introduced the following additional features: